Relationship vs Right Relationship

Recently I listened to a Super Soul conversation with Lady Gaga. Oprah asked whether she liked being in a relationship or being single. Lady Gaga responded that she likes being in the right relationship. It’s not often you hear this answer and in 2019, its an answer we could all probably relate to on some level.

So what does being in the right relationship even mean? It’s a complex thought because the notion of the right relationship will be entirely different for everyone. Your version is going to be totally different to someone else’s due to the fact we all look for seek different characteristics.

Just because your in a relationship doesn’t mean your happy, fulfilled or content either. You can be in one but feel lonely, unhappy, de-valued, un-seen, un-loved, whatever the case may be.

The point of Lady Gaga’s answer is she wants to be in the right relationship and if it’s not right for her, then shes equally happy being single.

To be in a place where your content being single, it’s important to cultivate self awareness, to fully love and accept ourselves as we are. As well as that, finding out who you are, building your life. Being in a relationship to mend fractured parts of yourself or to make yourself happy, will never, ever work. It also spreads more damage to others. So we should strike to be whole ourselves and as Lady Gaga said only want the right and not just anyone.